What does the name cianna mean

What type of name is cianna?

The name Cianna is primarily a feminine name of Irish origin which means Historic. Female type of Cian. Additionally an Italian type of Gianna.

How frequent is the name cianna?

Since 1880 as much as 2018, the name “Cianna” was recorded 2,476 occasions in the SSA public database. Utilizing the UN World Inhabitants Prospects for 2019, that’s greater than sufficient Ciannas to occupy the nation of Niue with an estimated inhabitants of 1,628. The name first appeared in the 12 months 1981 and given to 6 new child infants.

Is the name cianna Italian?

▼ as a women’ name is of Italian derivation, and the which means of Cianna is “mild”. Cianna is an alternate spelling of Ciana (Italian): diminutive for Luciana.

How do you spell ciana?

Ciana – Child Name That means, Origin and Recognition.

The place does the name Sienna come from?

From the Italian metropolis of Siena, which gave its name to a reddish shade of brown. The name itself is presumably influenced by the phrase sienna, which means “orange-red”.

Is Sienna a fairly name?

The name Sienna first appeared on the U.S. naming charts in 1995. … Each of those names are refreshingly new and completely different, however additionally fairly and female. Particularly Sienna. Given the name’s etymology, this could be a good selection for those who assume your child woman is a sensible, “previous” soul.

Is Sienna a biblical name?

Sienna is child unisex name primarily common in Christian faith and its major origin is Italian. Sienna name meanings is Reddish brown.

Is the name Sienna uncommon?

Sienna is a female given name at present common in Nice Britain, New Zealand and Australia, the place it was amongst the prime ten names given to child women in 2006 and 2007 in a number of states.

What is an efficient nickname for Sienna?

Does Sienna mean something?

Reddish Brown
What is the which means of the name Sienna? The name Sienna is primarily a feminine name of Italian origin which means Reddish Brown.

What does Sienna mean in Spanish?

Español. sienna n. (brown earth pigment) tierra de Siena loc nom f.

What does sienna mean in Greek?

uncooked sienna. ακατέργαστη Σιένα See Additionally in Greek. χώμα noun. chó̱ma soil, earth, dust, floor.

What does sienna mean in Irish?

Gender: Lady. That means: Means ‘orange crimson’.

What does sienna mean in Chinese language?

赭色 [zhěsè] {noun} sienna (additionally: chocolate, auburn, ocher, burnt sienna)

How do you say Sienna in Japanese?

siˈɛn əSi·en·na.

What does Seina mean in Japanese?

rising star
Seina – Japanese name which means “rising star” and is pronounced sey-naa.

Is Sena a Korean name?

The name ‘세나(Sena)’ is that since 2008 12 months to 2022 12 months completely 957 folks was birthed in Korea. … This name ‘Sena’ is a stunning korean name. Boy name rating is 3,699 of 40,058.

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