What does ntn mean

What is the total type of NTN?

Taxpayer Registration fundamentals

E-Enrollment with FBR supplies you with a Nationwide Tax Quantity (NTN) or Registration Quantity and password. In case of people, 13 digits Computerized Nationwide Id Card (CNIC) might be used as NTN or Registration Quantity.

What does NTN mean at school?

New Tech Community, a nationwide non-profit group, engages with public faculty districts and constitution faculty organizations to develop revolutionary faculties. NTN faculties are centered round a tradition that empowers, educating that engages, and know-how that allows in order that college students graduate prepared for school and profession.

What does nth mean?

Acronym Definition
NTH Nothing
NTH Ninth (fictional steel)
NTH Nokia Theme (file extension)
NTH Good to Have

What does FTW mean on snap?

FTW: For The Win.
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