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The vertical soar take a look at measures the distinction between a soar straight up off each ft and the attain peak. The result’s subsequently impartial of somebody’s precise peak, and may typically be thought-about how excessive the ft get off the bottom. See an outline of the Vertical Leap health take a look at.

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Finest Mix Vertical Leap Scores

The next vertical soar outcomes are taken from mix and draft camp health testing and different dependable sources, the place the take a look at process is understood to be a standardized vertical soar approach, and the testing is carried out by certified sports activities science employees. These are one of the best scores so far as we all know from every mix, although outcomes from some years are unknown. These are usually not the highest 4 greatest jumps, for instance there are lots of extra from the NFL testing with jumps over 43″.

Standing Vertical Leap (countermovement, no step)

mix vertical soar identify notes NFL 46″ (117 cm) Gerald Sensabaugh (FS), North Carolina in 2005 NBA 38.0″ (96.5 cm) Dwayne Mitchell (2012) & Justin Anderson (2015) from NBA Mix MLS 36.5″ (92.7cm) Chris Odoi-Atsem from 2017 MLS mix AFL 35″ (89 cm) Jordan Gallucci (2016) and Aiden Bonar (2017) from the AFL Mix NHL 34.0″ (86 cm) Mac Bennett Hotchkiss Faculty (HIGH-CT), 2009

Most Vertical Leap with run up method

mix vertical soar identify notes NBA 45.5″ (115.5 cm) Kenny Gregory from 2001 AFL 40.5″ (103 cm) Kyron Hayden from 2017

Different Verified Scores

vertical soar identify sport notes 46″ (116.8 cm) Jameson Konz NFL see on on youtube. peak 6’3.5 and weight 235 kilos. Achieved on the Kent States Professional Day.

Unverified Vertical Jumps

Many reported vertical soar scores are based mostly on rumors and are from jumps utilizing strategies aside from the usual ones as described above. Many of those jumps could have been achieved with a single step or a run up, in comparison with the standard approach for the usual vertical soar take a look at from a standing place. Because the protocol used for a lot of of those scores are usually not listed, it’s tough to make direct comparisons to one of the best outcomes listed above. These outcomes are listed out of curiosity, however shouldn’t be taken as reality.

The world document holder for the vertical soar (based on is held by Michael Wilson of the Globetrotters, who has a 55″ leap (he additionally as soon as dunked on a 12-foot hoop, which can be a document). Another person stories that Kadour Ziani, the best vertical leaper from Slamnation, has a vertical soar of 61″ (different stories for high leaps for Kadour vary from 56″/142cm upwards). There are another spectacular stats coming from one other slam dunking group, Crew Flight Brothers, particularly Terrell Cournoyea aka TDub, who’s simply 5’9″ tall. He has apparently been seen leaping together with his head above the basketball rim, very spectacular for his dimension.

Volleyball participant Leonel Marshall reportedly has a 50″ (127 cm) vertical leap from standing. He’s the star of the Males’s Cuban Nationwide Volleyball workforce. Seek for him on YouTube and you will notice some spectacular leaping motion of him.

On Reggie Thompson’s web site, it says that he holds the World Report for highest vertical soar at 59″ (recorded within the Guiness E book of Data as 56″).

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  • Extra Data? I scan the web for the newest athlete outcomes. If you understand of one thing I’ve missed, it could be nice to listen to from you.

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Outdated Feedback

Commenting is closed on this web page, although you may learn some earlier feedback beneath which can reply a few of your questions.

  • Merkin Muffly (2013) Most of those listed verticals are full garbage, for instance, MJ didn’t have a 48 ” working vertical. MJ is 6’6” tall. The rim of a basketball hoop is strictly 10 ft tall. If MJ did have 4 foot hops, he ought to have been capable of chew the rim. I’ve scavenged the web and (in addition to Area Jam clips) I have never come throughout a video or pic the place MJ’s brow is above the rim. Am I suggesting that MJ could not soar? Completely not. He might fly, do I feel he had a 48″ vertical? No.
  • Julz Merkin Muffly (2013) You were not trying arduous sufficient bro try his dunk contest dunks! He needed to duck beneath the ring, he might have simply received his entire head above the rim
  • Troll Merkin Muffly (2014) hey thats a good suggestion for dunk contest, chew the rim after which dunk
  • Toby Diah Troll (2014) They need to simply undergo the basket together with the ball.
  • Hernandayoleary2 Merkin Muffly (2014) I do not suppose MJ was a excessive jumper, from watching his movies he appeared to have extra of a “lengthy soar” that’s, if he jumps from the baseline and a couple of guys soar to dam him, they fall to flooring by the point he hits the rim.
  • Josh hernandayoleary2 (2014) the longer you spend within the air from a soar, the upper it’s. Gravity works the identical for everyone.
  • Moldlives josh (2014) I actually hope your not instructing science.
  • Charles moldlives (2014) I hope that you simply’re not instructing English.
  • Mdfield1 Charles (2015) GOOD ONE!!! LOL!!!! I’ve seen the phrase ‘your’ used SO many instances, when the phrase that ought to have been used was ‘you are’, that I simply wish to SCREAM typically!
  • Keegan josh (2016) aside from the truth that this solely applies to strict vertical jumps… what number of instances have you ever appear MJ on a breakaway working down the courtroom after which cease subsequent to the rim, wait, after which do a vertical soar and dunk it…
  • MARCO Merkin Muffly (2014) the purpose wasn’t to eat the rim it was to make the ball go in. he might’ve bit the rim at any time when he wished should you see in all his video games when he goes up for a dunk his tongue is wrapped round his cheek
  • Ali Merkin Muffly (2014) He really has many pics together with his head above the rim. You dont actually watch basketball.
  • Colonel Zoro “The Dauntless” Merkin Muffly (2014) Sadly, I’ll belief the individuals who measure him. In fact having a most soar of 48′ does not imply that each dunk is that very same stage. Simply appears a little bit ridiculous.
  • Tommy Merkin Muffly (2014) There’s a large distinction between the vertical soar and in sport motion. The vertical soar is a managed take a look at of leg energy and explosiveness. You might be evaluating apples and oranges.
  • Jack Moran Merkin Muffly (2017) He has a 48 with out! Boi!!!
  • Russ Merkin Muffly (2015) I simply watched a vid of him in school and he banged his head on the rim blocking the ball
  • Petryk21 Merkin Muffly (2014) Attempt leaping with a basketball in your palms. Means more durable than with out no matter how mild it’s.
  • Dunker Petryk21 (2014) Probably not that arduous, i’m a 6foot asian however i can dunk half means within the paint, however simply barely… (10inch hoop)
  • Miron Boland Petryk21 (2018) So true! I had a 35-inch vertical at 6’3″ and by no means might get a two hand dunk discovered.
  • Colton (2013) Jacob tucker soar a 50 inch at 5 foot 10 inches tall, my instructor had a 55 inch vertical
  • Chris Colton (2013) Who was your instructor, Reggie Thompson?
  • Cosmos (2013) You need to try a few of the latest Crossfit vertical soar scores over the previous few years. Jumpers are hitting 50 – 60″ straightforward and there is even a latest profitable soar to 64.5″. Olympic Weightlifters and Crossfit athletes have the best vertical jumpers in sport, nicely extra so than basketball or soccer.
  • Johan Cosmos (2013) Not even shut. That is deceptive individuals. What you most likely are referring to is “field leaping” (leaping up onto an objekt) which isn’t the identical as “vertical leaping”. When field leaping, you could have the choice of pulling your ft as much as get on high of the item. Which is strictly what these field leaping consultants are doing at an excessive stage. They will there by get on high of objects which might be the truth is as much as 40 inches (relying on the size of the jumpers legs) increased than their precise “vertical soar”.
  • Nick Johan (2013) I am glad somebody mentioned it. Vertical soar is measured both by how excessive the underside of your ft carry off the bottom, in a straight leg soar. Or by how excessive your hip raises up in a straight individuals lifting their knees to their face to get on high of a field are kidding themselves. All that being mentioned. Numerous oly lifters do have precise good verts… however not 60′ lol
  • Ant88 nick (2014) No vertical are measured on a station that has peak markers on, and whenever you soar your attempting to succeed in the best level. YouTube it, there’s loads of movies.
  • Trav Cosmos (2014) You are pondering field soar. That’s not a vertical
  • Rusty Shackleford Cosmos (2016) You’re looking at Field jumps not vertical
  • Rh5918 . (2014) I’ve the world document standing vertical soar for my age ( 58 ) at 23.5 inches. That is documented in Dale Harders Strenght & Pace E-newsletter Feb – March 2014 version. Really, I might be contacting Dale, and getting one other witness, as I’m now hitting 24.5″ standing, and 30″ with a run up.
  • Born yesterday (2013) lotta exaggeration round right here
  • Veggamattic (2014) Ralph Sampson with the 36″ vert at 7’5″ tall was an incredible factor to witness.
  • Larry1969 (2014) MJ might sky, of that there is not doubt. So might David Thompson, Wit, however they could not get the highest of the backboard. Thought we outgrew fairy tales once we turned adults?
  • DPrince (2013) In school (2008) I used to be capable of get a reasonably constant 46″ at 5’8 tall, getting my head stage to the underside of the backboard. These days – I reluctantly admit – are over. My vert has dropped to love 35″. Sux.
  • Terrance Harvey(2018) Me- Terrance Harvey. As a injured man with out no coronary heart, lungs, mind, and liver. A 6’2 102 pound 16 years outdated Dominican Man 16 years outdated perpetually. Been out on the earth for 10 millinillion years(10,000 Quantity Names Years) Stayed 16 years outdated perpetually. Born in 1984 once more staying 16 years outdated perpetually. Have millinillion completely different first names whereas my center identify being King and my final identify being perpetually. My moms identify is Jackie L Harvey. She is my spouse as nicely and been perpetually. We each are married to one another. Jackie L Harvey is my momma and spouse. She is a Dominican girl.
  • My athleticism 100 meters run: 0.02 seconds 200 meters run: 0.03 seconds 400 meters run: 0.05 seconds 800 meters run: 0.09 seconds 1600 meters run: 0.17 seconds 3000 meters run: 0.31 seconds 5000 meters run-3 miles run: 0.51 seconds 10,000 meters-6 miles run: 1.01 seconds Half Marathon-13 miles run: 2.12 seconds Marathon-26 miles run: 4.36 seconds or 3.00 seconds 110 meter hurdles run: 0.02 seconds 60 meters run: 0.01 seconds 60 meter hurdles run: 0.01 seconds 400 meter hurdles run: 0.05 seconds 300 meters run: 0.04 seconds Subject Occasions
  • Excessive Leap: 10 Millinillion(10,000 Quantity Names) ft in air. 10 Millinillion(10,000 Quantity Names) Miles in air. 130 Millinillion Inch Vertical Leap( 130,000 Quantity Names Inch Vertical Leap)
  • Pole Vault: 10 Millinillion Toes in air(10,000 Quantity Names Toes)in air. 10 Millinillion Miles in air( 10,000 Quantity Names Miles In Air)
  • Lengthy Leap: 10 Millinillion(10,000 Quantity Names) ft lengthy soar. 10 Millinillion(10,000 Quantity Names) Miles
  • Longest Soccer Throw: Millinillion Toes Throw(1,000 Quantity Names Toes Throw) Millinillion Miles Throw(1,000 Quantity Names Miles)
  • Longest Subject Objective Soccer Kick: Millinillion Toes Subject Objective Kick(1,000 Quantity Names Toes Kick)Millinillion Miles Subject Objective Kick(1,000 Quantity Names Miles Kick)
  • Longest Soccer Punt Kick: Milinillion Toes Soccer Punt(1,000 Quantity Names Toes Soccer Punt) Millinillion Miles Soccer Punt( 1,000 Quantity Names Miles Soccer Punt
  • Longest Baseball House Run Hit: Millinillion Toes House Run Hit(1,000 Quantity Names Toes House Run Hit) Millinillion Miles Baseball House Run Hit( 1,000 Quantity Title Miles Baseball House Run Hit)
  • Longest Basketball Slam Dunk: Millinillion Toes Basketball Slam Dunk(1,000 Quantity Names Toes Basketball Slam Dunk) Millinillion Miles Basketball Slam Dunk( 1,000 Quantity Names Miles Basketball Slam Dunk)
  • Terrance Harvey Born on August 3, 1984. Out on the earth for 10 Millinillion years earlier than 1984.
  • Rocky Rhoades (2017) My greatest good friend’s cousin’s child’s momma has a standing vertical of 122″. With a working begin, she will be able to soar clear over the home and land within the yard swimming pool. If she ever received on a coaching program, I”ll guess she might get her vertical as much as 300 ft.
  • Harithah (2017) I’ve an older brother who’s 15 years outdated whose working vertical is 38 inches and standing is 34 and when he turned 16 it went as much as 50 inches for some cause i do know a number of individuals will not imagine me i want i video taped it
  • Chantz Clayton (2017) There are a whole lot of gamers who’ve been omitted. What about gamers like LeBron James, Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown, and many others. These dudes have spectacular verts too!
  • Nam (2017) Hello, I heard that Tony Jaa has a vertical of two meters, roughly 76 inches? It’s most certainly working soar, however I imagine his vertical shouldn’t be decrease than 50 standing, however I’m not positive, simply desirous to let you understand 🙂
  • Nick (2017) I feel James white must be talked about. He’s the one athlete I’ve seen that has a legit high of the backboard try. He was a inch or so off the 13ft mark. He’s additionally the one performed to dunk from the foul line nicely placing it between his legs. Henry Bekkerings vertical was examined at 36″ with out a step not 50″ inches.
  • Creed Jett (2017) Once I was 13 years outdated I had a vertical of 35″, I’d like to know if this has been accomplished earlier than?
  • Creedyfbaby (2017) At 13 years outdated I bear in mind leaping for 35″ I used to be hitting 30 straightforward.
  • Marc (2016) Anybody from chicago remembers Ronnie Fields ( who was a highschool teammate of Kevin Garnett) and his rumored 50″ verticle.
  • John Williams (2015) Try the Russian golden boy on Youtube (Viktor Poletaev,volleyball), he’s 19 -20yrs. outdated and jumps just like the Cuban dude, he’s 6’5″ and his ft virtually contact the underside of the web, insane…
  • THOMAS (2015) Common 20” Good 30” Nice 35” Finest 40-42”
  • Every thing over 42” is both GBR contender or a delusion. The one correct technique is inserting some monitoring gadget in your chest, (repair it – one thing like polar) and measure the shortest distance from the flat floor whereas standing after which on the peak of a soar. The distinction is the vertical. All of the common measurements accomplished are inacurate attributable to completely different stretching of the physique within the refference measurement and on the peak of a soar. The opposite delusion measures had been accomplished even not directly, e.g. ”after I can not dunk and ‘imagine’ having 30” vert, then any individual barely increased than me and dunking should have 40-50” vert. Listed here are the failings: 1. My 30” inch soar is in actuality 20-25” 2. The man that’s 2” taller and even my peak may need 5-7” longer standing attain 3. My approach sucks, I can not make the most of the complete stretch, I can not maintain the ball nicely ( hand dimension) And so forth. On the finish the man dunking has a 30-34” vert. Apart from that, for the recorded jumps the digital camera angpe playes an enormous position. E.g. Jordan’s dunk taken from the bottom behind his again maoes him look flying ( particularly in gradual mo) together with his head on the rim hight. The identical dunk taken from above the bottom and entrance makes it appear like a daily sport dunk 10” head beneath the ring ( 120-10-6*12-6 = 32” vert).
  • And whereas some say that exterior the sport verts are the best trigger you may focus, it’s not true. Within the sport/ dunk contest the adrenalin and chearing viewers pushes you to further ranges. Finest jumpers: a) are very mild and normally quick b) are genetically gifted -lots of quick twithing muscle fibers c) have quick femurs (thigh bone) d) practice and grasp the leaping approach e) do specialised weight coaching & plyometrics
  • Foobar THOMAS (2016) Thanks for clearing this up. This 50/60 vertical leap is nonsense. If you wish to see the best a human has jumped see Stefan Holm. His private greatest is 2.40m (7 ft 10.49in). He’s 1.81 m (5 ft 11 in) tall. That is 0.59m (1′ 11.2”) over his head.
  • NeoLegendX (2015) its mentioned that Wilt had 50″ VL
  • Nameless SOSick NeoLegendX (2016) Nah with a vertical like that he would have the ability to contact the highest of a backboard. Alot of individuals exaggerate
  • NeoLegendX Nameless SOSick (2016) thats truthful, however he did soar higher then most of todays guards
  • Nameless SOSick NeoLegendX (2016) Yeah he did
  • John Lushefski (2015) These numbers are largely crap. The “unofficial” (however on video) field soar document is about 65;” the NFL mix will get tons of elite athletes, and the document is 43.5;” no person has a 60″ vertical, and it’s unlikely that anybody has a 50″. If somebody does, it could most likely be some elite middleweight weightlifter or powerlifter, the place the kind of coaching and physique dimension is perfect for a two-foot soar. Kadour Ziani would not even naturally soar off two ft; he’s extra just like excessive jumpers, who do not even have nice vertical leaps.
  • Earl manigault. The goat
  • Leonel Marsall? 50″? (from John, Mar 2013)
  • My little brother is 17. he can contact 12 ft. however he’s 5ft 11 inches. i believe that’s actually good. What do you guys suppose? (from john dodson, Mar 2013)
  • I am 5’8″ and my vertical is 38″. To me that is barely above common vertical. To qualify for vertical I feel 40 is the quantity to realize. Something above that with nobody step is only a nice freak of nature. I ponder if anybody might ever have a 70inches of pure vertical. For Mike I even have powerlifted in highschool and I discovered that lots of people who might powerclean very heavy might remodel that explosion in giant vertical leaping capacity. Just a few meals for thought.
  • When lots of people say they’ll soar like 50 or 60 inches, you have to understand a vertical soar is measured by your arm attain prolonged and arm attain when leaping, its not how excessive you may choose your ft up off the bottom, so leaping onto a platform or measuring the place your ft are is not a measure of your vertical soar. (from Christian, Feb 2013)
  • David Thompson (sp?) of the Nineteen Seventies Denver Nuggets had a 48″ vertical (from CARL, Jan 2013)
  • Some have mentioned Wilt Chamberlain, at 7′ 1″ had a 54 inch vertical leap, mixed together with his peak would have made him the superman of basketball. (from Gary Anderson, Dec 2012)
  • I simply wished to SEE Riggie Thompson’s Vertical Leap. I believed he had the best and located he was third. Oh nicely!!! (from Danny Hattaway, Nov 2012)
  • A message from Torrance Harvey (Aug 2012). I had a twin brother that had his head chin stage over the basket. His head was about 13 inches over the rim. He did this whereas taking part in towards our dad in a basketball gymnasium about 12 years in the past. My brother grabbed the rebound and went straight again up. His head went 13 inches over the basket. He layed the ball within the hoop as a substitute as a result of his head was previous the basket. It was probably the most wonderful factor I ever noticed as a result of I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES. This was a standing vertical as a result of he did this with out working first. This was when my twin brother was 16 years outdated on the time. Me and our our dad was amazed by it so we advised him to do a working vertical and he ended up leaping 8 inches increased than his standind vertical. His head was about 21 inches above the basket. Our dad measured his vertical afterward. At the moment, my twin brother was 5â 3 and had a standing attain of 6â 10. HE COULD TOUCH 12â 7 ON THE BACKboard whereas simply standing first and he might contact 13â 3 on the backboard whereas doing a working vertical. We discovered that my twin brother’s standing vertical was 69 inches and his working vertical was 77 inches. It was wonderful watching somebody soar so soar. I’d had video taped it again when he did this wonderful factor, however our mother and pop didn’t personal a video digital camera at the moment. It sucks although as a result of I need all of you individuals to see this wonderful factor for your self since you individuals could be amazed by it as nicely. My twin brother is now 28 years outdated and is 5â 8 now. It is vitally a lot doable to leap that top as a result of my twin brother did it some time again whereas I witnessed it and it was wonderful to see. We by no means videotaped him doing it. His identify would have been to of his chart proper now. We by no means advised Guininess E book of World Data about it. I simply needed to inform yah that it’s doable soar that top. My twin brothers Measurements as a 16 12 months outdated 12 years in the past Standing vertical 69 inches Working vertical 77 inches Top With Footwear 5’3 Standing Attain 6′ 10 Max vertical Attain Whereas Standing 12′ 7 Max Vertical Attain Whereas Working 13′ 3 My Twin brother is now 5′ 8. His identify is Terrance Harvey. He was very athletic and nonetheless is. He is a good basketball participant. All the time has been, however he’s at the moment doing one thing else proper now. He can simply get INTO THE NBA simply and dominate. He simply had surgical procedure 2 years in the past. My brother by no means performed highschool basketball or school basketball as a result of he had a really dangerous harm however by no means went into surgical procedure for it as a result of he determined to not on the time. Alot of individuals resemble him to Michael Jordan again then whereas taking part in within the gymnasium and nonetheless do. He’s particular person that may simply be higher than MJ. Thats all I’ve to say about my twin brother.
    • Good story torrance, u are so full it is unbelievable (from large mike, Nov 2012)
  • Markel Brown oklahoma state basketball 2011 46+ vertical (from Ron smith, July 2012)
  • What about Joe Johnson, the youthful brother of Dennis Johnson (Celtics)? He supposedly had a 60″ vertical, and this was again within the 1980’s. You additionally forgot about Dominique Wilkins, whose vert was measured at about 50″+. (from Run, July 2012)
  • I am Mike I’m a sports activities athlete and do Olympic Weightlifting (up to now have competed for GB). I used to be within the infomation you could have placed on about vertical Leap as a result of I just lately did a Demo for Weightlifting however I additionally did a visible demo on how excessive I might soar. It seems I used the identical technique you had been speaking about within the standing vertical soar and I managed to succeed in 37 inches (91.44 cm). taking a look at this listing I observed this might rank me formally quantity 3 on the earth which is clearly not the case, however I do appear to have an excellent leaping capacity as I’ve gained leaping competitions up to now fairly simply. Your ideas? (from Mike Sheard, June 2012).
    • Mike, You’ll want to scroll all the way down to the world data. 37″ is not even within the high 10 however it’s a excellent rating. As a result of there isn’t any worldwide group chargeable for sustaining a document, these must be thought-about unofficial. (from Coach Will, June 2012)
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