Ultimate Tokyo Food Guide: Top Best Foods to Eat in Tokyo

On this Tokyo Meals Information, you’ll discover our suggestions on 20 prime greatest meals to eat within the metropolis! From the very best sushi to the most recent meals craze to iconic road meals, these are the unmissable meals it’s essential to attempt when visiting Tokyo.

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It’s no exaggeration after we say meals alone is a robust cause to go to Tokyo. The decades-long devotion and perfectionism to the artistry have earned this meals heaven of Japan extra Michelin awards than some other locations on the planet moreover France. Are you able to expertise an epic gastronomic journey?

First, what do you have to eat? With so many unimaginable meals selections and so little time, how do you make the very best of your journey? Fortunately, there’s actually no unhealthy meals in Tokyo. Whether or not it’s low-cost eats or fancy eating, there’s an possibility that meets each traveler’s price range.

Right here, we’ve put collectively an inventory of the prime greatest meals to eat in Tokyo. There are 20 of them, which we consider are actually particular and iconic to Tokyo. You’ll additionally discover our advisable eating places and locations for every meals, so you realize the place to seek out them. That is in no way an exhaustive record – however sufficient to get you began. Sure, you wish to go hungry!

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Prime greatest meals to eat while you go to Tokyo:

Sushi at Midori, Shibuya Tokyo | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

1. Sushi 寿司

Tokyo, the world capital of sushi, is the place you get next-level sushi that units them other than sushi in the remainder of the world. Two main successful elements: the abundance of contemporary seafood and the time-honored abilities that go into making the vinegared rice aka sushi rice. In spite of everything, sushi is the meals that’s greatest synonymous with Japanese delicacies.

The easiest information is nice sushi is in every single place in Tokyo, and at each price range. Wish to take pleasure in sushi on a decent price range? Head over to a budget and informal kaiten zushi (conveyor belt sushi) eating places the place you may get an excellent choice of seafood with out breaking the financial institution. It’s our favourite place to indulge as a lot sushi as doable! For one-of-the-kind theatrical sushi expertise, there are the reveled Michelin-starred institutions you may pay homage to (in case your price range permits).

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Matsuei (Ebisu, Roppongi)
  • Kyubei (Ginza, Shinjuku, and so forth)
  • Sushi no Midori (Ginza, Shibuya, and so forth)

Additionally, you gained’t go unsuitable with any sushi joints nestled inside the well-known Toyosu Fish Market. Go early and deal with your self with a number of sushi breakfasts. Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi are the very best, however any store with traces of locals won’t disappoint.

Afuri Ramen | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

2. Ramen ラーメン

Completely chewy noodles, jammy ramen egg, juicy char siu pork, bamboo shoots, and nori sheets in a scorching piping bowl of soup broth. Ramen wants no introduction. Having taken the world by storm lately, this soul meals of Japan dominates the meals scene in Tokyo and it’s simply getting higher and higher.

You will discover ramen retailers hidden behind prepare stations and division buildings, tucked in inconspicuous streets, or sandwiched amongst rows of meals stalls, serving up bowls of ramen in nice varieties. There may be tonkatsu ramen, shio ramen, miso ramen, spicy shoyu ramen, tsukemen, and chilly ramen. By all means, discover all of the choices you need as a result of that is the place to get your ramen fixing. Slurp away!

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Afuri (Ebisu, Nakameguro, Harajuku, Roppongi, and so forth)
  • Sobahouse Konjiki Hototogisu (Shinjuku Gyoen)
  • Kagari (Ginza)

Tempura at Tsunahachi in Shinjuku, Tokyo | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

3. Tempura ぷら

We could also be biased, however dare we are saying no different world delicacies does deep-fried meals as glorious because the Japanese! Tempura is the plain proof of the declare. What’s to not love about deep-fried shrimp or candy potato encrusted within the lightest, crispiest batter? And solely in Japan, yow will discover specialised eating places that serve the very best of the very best tempura.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Tempura Abe (Ginza)
  • Tsunahachi (Shinjuku, Ginza, Tokyo, and so forth)

Yakitori | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

4. Yakitori 焼き鳥

Yakitori are tasty skewered hen meat brushed with a candy soy glaze, and grilled over charcoal. Whereas hen meat is most typical, you can even discover different meats and greens on skewers on the Yakitori menus. It is usually the place you’ll be taught the superior stage of Japanese hen butchery, the place opal, liver, gizzards, and skins make common appearances.

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The very best locations to take pleasure in yakitori in Tokyo are at izakaya eating places (Japanese gastropubs) and specialty yakitori eating places.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Torikizoku (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, and so forth)
  • Torishiki (Shinagawa)

Japanese Curry at Hinoya | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

5. Japanese Curry カレー

Dropped at Japan in late 1800 by the British, Japanese curry is taken into account one of many nation’s hottest comfort and luxury meals. Not like Thai or Indian-style curries, Japanese curry dishes have a extra stew-like texture and are typically sweeter and milder in warmth. They make an ideal introduction to people who find themselves attempting curry for the primary time. Which suggests they’re kids-friendly too. A number of the must-try curry dishes: curry rice, curry udon and Katsu-kare (curry with breaded pork cutlet).

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Hiroo no Curry (Hiroo)
  • Hinoya Curry (Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and so forth)

Soba | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

6. Soba そば

As humble as it may be, the sweet-earthy buckwheat noodle represents the elegant simplicity of the meals that’s so attribute of Japan.

The very best soba is normally handcrafted in home from scratch, and are served both chilled with a dipping sauce or in a scorching dashi broth as a noodle soup. If you need one thing gentle, wholesome but soul-satisfying, go for a bowl of soba.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Kawakami An (Azabu Juba, Aoyama)
  • Kanda Yabusoba (Kanda)
  • Honmura An (Roppongi)

Tonkatsu | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

7. Tonkatsuとんかつ

Breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, Tonkatsu is the Japanese model of a schnitzel. It’s a working-class dish and a Japanese comfort-food staple for hundreds of years. Very like all the pieces in Japan, tonkatsu could be each informal and really excessive finish, however the perfect tonkatsu is mind-blowingly crispy on the skin, juicy on the within and nearly grease-free. It’s sometimes served with a sweet-savory sauce, together with fluffy steamed rice, cool pile of shredded cabbage, pickles, and miso soup.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Tonki (Meguro)
  • Butagumi (Azabu)
  • Tonkatsu Maisen (Aoyama, Shibuya, and so forth)

Gyukatsu | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

8. Gyukatsu (Beef Katsu) 牛カツ

Meet the trendiest star in Japanese meals tradition: Gyukatsu (beef katsu). You guess it proper, gyukatsu is the meat equal of tonkatsu. Breaded, deep fried, the meat cutlets have been receiving an explosion of recognition since 2015. With a crispy exterior and uncommon to medium-rare inside, gyukatsu is served equally as tonkatsu, with the accompaniments of dipping sauces, rice, cabbage, pickles, and miso soup. You get to grill the meat to your choice on the small burner at your desk.

Juicy, melt-in-your-tender and the right quantity of crunch, the dish is the dream of any meat lover. Does it reside as much as the hype? Properly, all of our buddies who’ve tasted gyukatsu attested that it might simply be certainly one of their most unforgettable dishes! You must give it a attempt your self.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Gyukatsu-MOTOMURA (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Hamamtsucho, and so forth)
  • Gyukatsu Aona ((Shinjuku, Ueno, and so forth)

Sukiyaki | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

9. Sukiyaki すき焼き

Sukiyaki is certainly one of Japanese favorites’ cold-weather meals, the place an assortment of contemporary veggies and thinly sliced meat cooked in a candy and salty soy sauce-based broth in a simmering scorching pot. In case you’re visiting Tokyo within the fall or winter, mark this scorching pot dish in your must-eat record.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Imahan (Ningyocho, Ginza, Ueno, and so forth)
  • Shabu Zen (Shibuya, Ginza, Yotsuya, and so forth)

Sudachi Udon at Tsurutontan in Tokyo | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

10. Udon うどん

One other Japanese noodle that deserves your consideration is udon. Chewy, slippery, easy, and supple, udon is the form of noodles that may soften all of your troubles away. You will get udon in scorching dashi soup broth topped with flash-fried tempura, or chilly within the umami mentsuyu sauce, or artistic fusion dish like udon carborana. We additionally suggest beef udon, kitsune udon and yaki udon.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Oniyanma (Gotanda, Nakameguro, Shimbashi, and so forth)
  • Tsurutontan (Roppongi, Shinjuku, Ginza, and so forth)

Yakiniku | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

11. Yakiniku 焼肉

Yakiniku is principally Japanese model BBQ, the place a superb choice of tender meat, greens, and savory dipping sauce specified by entrance of the desk. Everybody sits across the grill and cooks and eats the meals. It’s essentially the most scrumptious and jovial approach of experiencing Japanese communal meals.

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JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Yakiniku Champion (Ebisu, Nakameguro, Ikebukuro, and so forth)
  • Yakiniku Ushigoro (Ginza, Nishi Azabu)
  • Yakiniku Jumbo (Shirokane, Hongo)

Shabu Shabu | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

12. Shabu Shabuしゃぶしゃぶ

When the climate cools, the Tokyolites preserve themselves heat and comfortable by partaking in scorching pot dishes like shabu-shabu. The title “shabu shabu” got here from the sound while you stir the greens and meat along with your chopsticks and ‘swish swish’ within the scorching pot. As everybody sits across the scorching pot on the desk, cooks collectively, and eats whilst you chat, it’s a meal that makes scrumptious recollections.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Shabu Zen (Shibuya, Ginza, Yotsuya, and so forth)
  • Imafuku (Shirokane)

Monjayaki | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

By Ocdp – Personal work, CC0, Hyperlink

13. Monjayaki もんじゃ焼き

It’s possible you’ll hear of Okonomiyaki, however that’s extra well-known within the Kansai area like Osaka. Monjayaki (typically referred to as Monja) is just about the sibling of okonomiyaki and that’s what you’d have to attempt in Tokyo. Each monjayaki and okonomiyaki are very related, the place elements are finely chopped and combined into the flour batter earlier than frying on the new grill. The principle distinction is that monja contains extra dashi within the batter, leading to a runnier texture.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

There are too many, however yow will discover some greatest monjayaki eating places within the Tsukishima district of Tokyo the place the dish is alleged to have originated.

  • Monja Kura (Tsukishima)
  • Monkichi (Sengakuji)

Teppanyaki | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

14. Teppanyaki 鉄板焼き

It’s true that you could simply discover teppanyaki eating places outdoors of Japan, however solely in Japan, you get to pattern the best marbled wagyu beef and freshest catch from the ocean. A feast for the 5 senses, teppanyaki fuses the idea of cooking Western-influenced meals on a teppan (iron griddle).

As a diner, you sit round a big, open grill and watch the expert chef performs culinary methods akin to dinner theater as they cook dinner the meat, seafood, and greens with spectacular aptitude. Whereas teppanyaki eating places outdoors of Japan could be informal and inexpensive, teppanyaki eating within the Kanto areas (together with Tokyo) is normally upscale (however, it’s extra informal in Kansai areas). You do have to avoid wasting up for the unrivaled teppanyaki expertise, however it’s value it!

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Ginza Ukai Tei (Ginza)
  • Okahan Honten (Ginza)
  • Atelier Morimoto XEX (Roppongi)

Japanese Sandwiches | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

15. Japanese Sandwiches サンドイッチ

Whereas rice and noodles are the longtime staples, Japanese sandwiches are the most recent craze that making their limelight within the culinary scene even outdoors of Japan. They’re greater than only a grab-and-go meals, however a severe craft that showcases the boundless creativity and Japanese precision.

A number of the must-try sandwiches: tamago egg sando (egg salad sandwich), katsu sando (pork cutlet sandwich), and fruit sando (fruit sandwich).

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Comfort shops
  • Bakeries
  • Connoisseur meals falls at B1 flooring of the department shops

Japanese Pastries | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

16. Japanese Pastries ケーキ・お菓子

The French might get all of the glory when involves pastry-making, however those that have been to Tokyo would agree that Japanese pastries are equally on par, if not even higher when involves the choice. We expect that’s as a result of the Japanese are on the benefit of incorporating influences from totally different cultures and distinctive, seasonal elements that make the choices remarkably enticing.

For candy pastries, go for Japanese flavors equivalent to matcha inexperienced tea, cherry blossom, chestnuts, black sesame, yuzu, crimson bean, or Japanese candy potato. For the savory division, you’ll discover contemporary scorching buns like curry pan (crispy fried bread with curry filling), melon pan (candy bread with crispy biscuit crust), yakisoba pan (savory noodles in stuffed in scorching canine bun), and anpan (candy crimson bean bun) on the horizon.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Viron Brasserie (Marunouchi)
  • Criollo (Itabashi)
  • Bread, Espresso & (Shibuya)

Unagi | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

17. Unagi 鰻

One of many summer time traditions in Japan is to eat unagi or freshwater eel to maintain cool through the scorching season. There may be even a customized of consuming Unagi on the Day of the Ox within the midsummer as it’s believed to offer stamina and vitality within the scorching days.

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Some standard unagi dishes embody unadon (grilled sliced eel served over a mattress of rice), unagi nigiri (rice ball topped with a small slice of grilled eel), shirayaki (roasted eel and seasoned solely with salt), eel hone senbei (deep fried eel bones loved as snack with alcoholic drinks) and kimosui (a transparent soup flavored with boiled eel livers).

You possibly can take pleasure in unagi sushi at most sushi eating places or head over to specialty eating places dedicated to serving solely unagi dishes.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Aikawa (Takadanobaba)
  • Ishibashi (Edogawabashi)
  • Hatsuogawa (Asakusa)

Beef Stew | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

18. Yoshoku 洋食

Put it merely, Yoshoku is Japanese-style western meals which can be as central as conventional Japanese meals. It’s not merely a fusion of French or Italian delicacies, however an innovation that proves to be distinctly Japanese. Mainstream yoshoku dishes embody omurice (omelet rice), Hayashi rice, beef stew, hambagu (hamburger patties), and wafu pasta – every one gone by considerate Japanese twists by the elements and preparation. Tonkatsu and Japanese curry, listed above, additionally belong to the yoshoku class.

You will discover yoshoku dishes being served at Famiresu (informal chain diners), cafes, Kissaten 喫茶店 (old style Japanese espresso homes), lodge eating places, and even at comfort shops. Many restaurant institutions nonetheless proudly serve their signature dishes which have been beloved by artists, celebrities, and politicians for many years.

Visiting Tokyo with children or choosy eaters? Don’t even take into consideration McDonald’s when you’ve so many yoshoku dishes to select from!

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Taimeiken (Nihonbashi)
  • Shinsekai Grill Bon (Ginza)
  • Shiseido Parlour (Ginza)

Wagashi Set | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

19. Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) 和菓子

Japanese sweets, generally known as wagashi, are pleasant tea treats that carry a wealthy historical past entwined with Japanese tradition. They arrive in all kinds of sizes and shapes, however listed below are a number of the must-try wagashi: dorayaki (mini pancake sandwich with a candy red-bean filling), dango (skewered dumpling balls made with rice flour), manju (steamed buns with crimson bean paste), senbei (savory rice crackers) and mochi.

In case you’re visiting in the summertime, deal with your self with kakigori (shaved ice with syrups and toppings) and anmitsu (agar-agar jelly with candy toppings).

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Toraya (Asakusa)
  • Minamoto Kitchoan (Ginza)
  • Nana’s Inexperienced Tea (a number of areas)

You too can discover retailers serving up wagashi on the airport, main vacationer areas and massive department shops.

Fruit Parfait | Easy Japanese Recipes at bnok.vn

20. Fruit Parfait フルーツパフェ

Strolling across the busy streets of Tokyo, you’ll typically see tall ornamental glasses of plastic fruit parfaits within the window shows of espresso retailers (kissaten 喫茶店) and household eating places. The colourful layered dessert is a traditional candy deal with for the Japanese, and accessible year-round. Japanese parfaits are made primarily of ice cream, fruits, and whipped cream together with different candy toppings.

Strawberry, chocolate, and matcha (inexperienced tea) are standard year-round parfait menu objects however you may see some seasonal parfaits equivalent to peach and melon.

JOC suggestions in Tokyo:

  • Fruits Parlor Goto (Asakusa)
  • Sembikiya (Nihonbashi)
  • Takano Fruits Parlor (Shinjuku)

Extra Recommendations on Methods to Discover The Greatest Meals to Eat in Tokyo

  1. Use Tabelog Japan Restaurant and Meals Information – this web site offers essentially the most complete critiques on eating places in Japan. You possibly can simply discover totally different classes of meals, an inventory of eating places and rating scores. We’ve got this text that reveals you use Tabelog intimately.
  2. If you’re in a rush and like to pattern a bit of little bit of all the pieces at an inexpensive value, head to a depachika, the basement flooring of a Japanese division retailer. You’ll discover an astonishing quantity of meals that’s scrumptious and inexpensive. Take a look at the Shinjuku ISETAN meals flooring information.
  3. On a decent bag packer’s price range? Konbini (Japanese comfort shops) like 7-Eleven and the merchandising machines are your greatest buddies while you go to Tokyo. You possibly can actually feed your self some first rate ramen, sandwiches and even yakitori there!
  4. Shock your self by hopping onto hole-in-the-wall eateries. If there’s a line in entrance of you, it’s normally a very good signal.

Professional Suggestions for Japanese Meals Lovers

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