The glossary of skateboarding terms and slang

The world of skateboarding has its personal tradition and vocabulary. Discover our complete glossary of skating phrases and expressions.

As an city sport, skate boarders developed a singular and particular checklist of phrases and slang that may be heard within the streets or out within the skatepark.

The skater’s lexicon is huge and generally tough to decode, particularly in case you’re not a member of the tribe.

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There are dozens of tips, a number of skateboard components, spot options, and appreciation/depreciation phrases utilized in a number of contexts.

The definition and utilization of the skateboarding jargon could fluctuate relying on the placement and state of affairs they’re utilized in, however the next terminology is universally accepted and understood amongst skate boarders.

Drop into an alphabetically organized checklist of the most typical skateboarding phrases, expressions, and meanings.

180: a half skateboard and physique rotation carried out both frontside or bottom;

360: a whole skateboard and physique rotation carried out both frontside or bottom;

540: a one and a half skateboard and physique rotation carried out both frontside or bottom;

720: two full skateboard and physique rotations carried out both frontside or bottom;

900: a two and a half skateboard and physique rotations carried out both frontside or bottom;

1080: three full skateboard and physique rotations carried out both frontside or bottom;

ABD: acronym for “Already Been Completed”;

Acid Drop: to skate off the tip of an object with out touching the board with the fingers and with out ollieing;

Air: an aerial trick;

Airwalk: an aerial trick during which the skater grabs the nostril of the board, kicks the toes out whereas within the air, after which rapidly again on when he is about to land it;

Alley-Oop: an aerial, transition trick during which the skater strikes his physique sideways in the other way of the rotating motion;

Am: a brief for an beginner;

Anchor Grind: a grind trick carried out on the board’s entrance truck that leaves the tail pointing again, down, and away from an impediment;

Axle: the metallic rod operating via the skateboard truck’s hanger on which the wheels are mounted to;

Bottom: a trick or flip executed with the skater’s again dealing with the ramp coping or the impediment;

Bail: to leap or step off the board safely when a transfer goes incorrect;

Financial institution: an elevated, sloped, below 90-degree floor or space, used to using skateboards up and down and performing tips;

Baseplate: a flat piece with 4 holes that mounts the skateboard truck to the deck;

Bearings: a set of six, seven, or eight balls enclosed in races between two shields that permit for the turning of a wheel on its axle. Every wheel options two bearings;

Benihana: a seize trick during which the skater performs an ollie, pulls the board ahead with the entrance foot, leaves the again foot hanging within the air, and grabs the tail earlier than pulling it again below the toes;

Blunt: a trick during which the skater lands the tail of the board on the coping or fringe of an object after which resumes using;

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Boardslide: a sliding trick during which the underside of the skateboard deck slides alongside an object;

Boned: a mid-air transfer during which the skater pushes the board out in entrance and factors it downward;

Boneless: a trick during which the skater takes the entrance foot off the board, grabs it with the hand, then jumps up with the again foot nonetheless on the board earlier than inserting the entrance foot again on the board and touchdown;

Bowl: a concrete or wood swimming pool-like construction put in in skateparks that includes a flat backside and coping;

Field: an oblong field that’s often fabricated from wood or concrete with grindable and slidable edges and a platform during which skaters carry out a number of tips;

Mind Bucket: a helmet;

Burly: a high-risk trick that may result in extreme accidents if it’s not efficiently accomplished;

Bushing: a ring-shaped polyurethane element that surrounds a truck’s kingpin and helps the board flip and pivot;

Caballerial: a trick invented by Steve Caballero within the early Eighties during which the skater performs a 360-degree ollie in a ramp whereas using fakie and with out grabbing;

Carve: a maneuver during which the skater makes a protracted, curving arc;

Casper Flip: a trick during which the skater performs a half-flip after which makes use of the again foot to seize the tail and whip it;

Catch: whenever you catch your board whereas it’s nonetheless spinning along with your toes after which land it;

Full: a skateboard with all its elements: deck, vehicles, wheels, bearings, and grip tape;

Coper: an old-fashioned overlaying that’s put in within the truck’s hanger to guard it towards grinding;

Coping: the metallic pipe or edging fitted to the lip of a ramp or halfpipe;

Crooked Grind: a grind carried out the place the deck isn’t immediately over the impediment;

Curb: the raised fringe of the sidewalk beside a avenue;

Darkslide: a trick invented by Rodney Mullen during which the skater flips the board onto an impediment, lands on it the wrong way up with one foot on the nostril and the opposite on the tail, and slides the world earlier than touchdown on the flat floor;

Deck: the wood space of your skateboard that you simply stand on;

Delamination: a defect within the skateboard deck’s plywood that leads to the layers beginning to come aside from one another;

Demo: a skateboarding occasion with using and equipment demonstrations often held in skateparks and skate retailers;

Double Set: a stairway with two units of stairs linked by a flat part or platform;

Downhill Skating: a skateboarding model during which the rider skates down steep roads at excessive pace;

Drop-In: a manner of coming into a bowl or halfpipe from the highest;

Durometer: a measurement scale that identifies the resiliency, or hardness, of urethane wheels;

Escalator: the a part of the coping discovered within the quarter, mini and vert ramps, and bowls that slopes from one peak to a different and isn’t parallel to the bottom;

Extension: the a part of a ramp the place the transition extends increased than the remaining space;

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Face Plant: to fall off the board with the face on the bottom earlier than every other a part of the physique;

Fakie: to trip your skateboard backward;

5-O (5-O): a kind of grind;

Flat Rail: a flat metallic rail;

Flip: to show the skateboard on a lengthwise axis;

Frontside: when a trick or flip is carried out with the skater’s front-facing the ramp coping or the impediment;

Fruit Boots: a derogatory expression for inline skates and curler blades;

Full Cab: another title for a Caballerial;

Funbox: another title for field;

Hole: the gap between two rideable objects, areas, or surfaces which can be often utilized by skaters to ollie over and carry out different aerial tips;

Gnarly: an superior or wonderful factor or trick;

Goofy-Foot: a skater that rides together with his or her proper foot ahead;

Grab: to make use of the hand or fingers to carry the board throughout a trick;

Graphics: the art work that’s displayed on the underside of a skate deck;

Grind: a trick which includes scraping the skateboard’s vehicles alongside an object;

Grip Tape: sandpaper-like materials fitted to the highest of a deck to provide riders extra grip;

Grom/Grommet: a younger skater child;

Halfpipe: a U-shaped ramp that includes a flat backside part between the opposing concave transitions that result in vertical areas on each side;

Handrail: the city characteristic during which skaters carry out a number of grinding and sliding tips;

Hanger: the most important a part of the truck that’s largely uncovered to grinding;

Heelflip: a trick during which the skater flips the board together with his or her heel in the other way of a kickflip;

Indy Seize: a trick during which the skater grabs the board mid-air with the again hand;

Kick Flip: to show your board by shifting the burden to the tail of the board and twisting;

Kickflip: a trick invented by Curt Lindgren and later modified by Rodney Mullen during which the skater flips the board round its lengthwise axis utilizing his or her entrance foot;

Kingpin: the bolt that holds the hanger, cushions, and baseplate of a truck collectively;

Kink: a rail that goes straight and down and straight once more;

Land: to efficiently full a trick;

Touchdown Bolts: to land a trick completely with the board safe and balanced below your toes;

Lip: the highest fringe of a bowl or ramp;

Longboard: an extended skateboard that’s used for downhill skating, commuting, and cruising;

Mega Ramp: an enormous vert ramp fabricated from a metallic scaffold with a wooden floor that includes a roll-in, a niche soar, and a vert quarter pipe part;

Mini Ramp: a small scale model of a halfpipe that’s often six toes tall and options clean transitions and no vert sections;

Mob: to have unhealthy model;

Mongo: a not so effectively accepted method that includes pushing the skateboard with the entrance foot whereas the again foot stays on the board;

Nollie: a brief for a nostril ollie;

Nostril: the entrance of the skateboard;

Nosegrab: to seize the nostril of the board with the main hand;

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Ollie: a trick during which the skater makes use of his or her toes to drag the skateboard up into the air;

Pivot Cup: the raised and hollowed plastic cup that forestalls the hanger from sits coming into contact with the baseplate;

Pop Shove-It: a trick that mixes the ollie with shove-it and allows the board to get to the air and rotate alongside its vertical axis;

Poser: a skater that tries to fake to be what she or he isn’t;

Pumping: to shifting your body weight in your skateboard to construct pace with out your toes touching the bottom;

Pushing: to propel the board ahead by retaining as a lot weight on the lead foot as potential and getting the rear foot to push towards the bottom;

Pyramid: a pyramid-shaped impediment with a flat prime typically present in skateparks;

Quarterpipe: 1 / 4 part of a pipe that has a curved piece resulting in a vertical ramp;

Rad: a brief for radical;

Rail: a spherical metallic rail;

Common Footer: a skater that rides with the left foot ahead;

Sesh: a skateboard session;

Sidewalk Surfer: one other time period for skateboarder;

Sidewalk Browsing: one other time period for skateboarding;

Sk8: some of the well-liked abbreviations for a skate;

Skatepark: a public or privately-owned, outside or indoor space that includes a broad vary of obstacles and objects during which skate boarders carry out tips and maneuvers;

Sketchy: a not excellent or poorly executed trick;

Slide: a transfer the place the underside of your deck slides alongside an object;

Snake: to steal or lower off somebody’s line at a skatepark;

Steez/Steezy: a mix of the phrases “model” and “ease” meant to reward a trendy and completely executed trick or maneuver;

Stick: to land a trick;

Stoked: to really feel excited;

Road Skating: a skating model that makes use of avenue furnishings, similar to curbs, benches, and steps, to carry out tips;

Change Stance: to trip a skateboard and carry out tips and maneuvers not utilizing the traditional or pure stance;

Tail: the again finish of a skateboard;

Tail Slide: a trick during which the skater slides the underside of the tail finish of the board on a lip or ledge;

Technical (Tech): a skateboarding model that includes extremely advanced freestyle tips and maneuvers carried out on flat surfaces;

Thrasher: an avid or enthusiastic skater;

Tic Tac: a sequence of brief kickturns carried out in a row. It can provide a boarder the momentum wanted to journey throughout a flat space;

Trick: a skateboard maneuver;

Truck: the metallic attachment bolted to the deck which join the axles and wheels to the deck;

Vert: a brief for vertical;

Vert Ramp: a specifically designed ramp for skateboarding with a horizontal space at its prime;

Vert Skating: a skating model during which the rider performs strikes and tips in a halfpipe or ramp. It often includes getting air above the rim of the ramp or pipe;

Wheels: the 4 rounded polyurethane gadgets sized between 39 and 70 millimeters that permit skateboards to roll;

Wipe Out: to fall off the skateboard;

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