Is f or na smaller

Which is greater in measurement F or Ne?

Therefore, Ne has a smaller atomic radius. F atomic quantity is 9 having 9-electrons & 9-protons. After gaining electron, it turns into F-having 10-electrons and 9-protons. Now resulting from extra of electron, electron-electron repulsion turns into larger as in comparison with electron-proton attraction.

Which one has bigger measurement Na ff na?

F- is larger in measurement as a result of,it’s an anion whereas Na+ is a cation with the identical configuration.

Which one has largest measurement Na+ f/f n?

Reply: F is largest in measurement as a result of anions are bigger than its mother or father atom. However since in it its valence shell has not crammed, subsequently it’s much less secure.

Which is smaller in measurement or F?

Fluorine ( F ) is smaller in measurement as a result of because the nuclear cost ( power of attraction between protons and electrons ) will increase throughout a interval ,consequently the atomic measurement decreases .

Which is greater O2 or F?

Once we take into account atoms which can be O and F; oxygen has a bigger atomic radius than fluorine as a result of throughout a interval atomic radius decreases. Additionally, if an atom positive aspects electrons it ends in the rise of repulsion amongst electrons which results in the rise in atomic radius.

Which is bigger Na+ or Na why?

Na+ ion is smaller than Na as a result of Na looses its one electron to change into Na+ ion so the constructive cost of nucleus per electron current will enhance and it end result extra electrostatic power of attraction will increase .

Which is bigger O2 or Na+?

In different phrases, Na+ has greater efficient nuclear cost than O2− , which interprets to an even bigger web constructive cost felt by the outermost electrons. This may compress the power ranges a bit and make the ionic radius smaller for the sodium cation. Due to this fact, the oxide anion can have the bigger atomic radius.

Which ion is smallest?

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