4 Places You Can Actually Visit From The Beach Boys Song Kokomo

Aruba, Jamaica…who doesn’t get the will to hearken to a metal drum and really feel an ocean breeze once they hear that traditional Seaside Boys tune “Kokomo” begin to play? Try a bit of historical past of the tune and getaways to go to at every of the Caribbean islands it options.

Although it might sound like a tune from the Seaside Boys’ heyday of the 1960’s, “Kokomo” was really written for the 1988 Tom Cruise film, Cocktail. Now, it’s arduous to find out the inspiration for the identify of the tune. So far as we will inform, there have been no precise islands—off the Florida Keys or elsewhere—in 1988 that have been named Kokomo. There’s a Kokomo, Indiana and there’s additionally a Kokomo “island” in Florida, however it’s a tiki bar named for the tune, so it got here after.

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It appears that evidently Kokomo is extra a way of thinking than an actual place. However don’t fear! We discovered all of the precise Caribbean getaways featured within the tune and rounded them up in a fast listing.

However first, the easter egg.

We included this video of “Kokomo” as a result of it exhibits the Seaside Boys at their beachiest—harmonizing in live performance, lovely location pictures (it was filmed on the then-brand-new Grand Floridian Disney World Resort in Florida) and clips of Tom Cruise flipping bottles on the tropical bar from Cocktail. Nonetheless, one thing extra superb was uncovered on this video.

Sure, girls and gents, that’s John Stamos on drums. Why wouldn’t Uncle Jesse be the one who is available in on the metal drums that take you to a tropical paradise initially of Kokomo?

Off the Florida Keys, there’s a spot referred to as Kokomo

That’s the place you wish to go to get away from all of it

Put a tiny umbrella in your drink and browse on to search out out “the place you wish to go to get away from all of it.”

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It’s arduous to think about the identify of the primary island within the tune with out beginning the refrain in your head! Aruba is a small island 15 miles north of Venezuela, ruled by the Netherlands. You’ll be able to see the Dutch affect within the names of places, meals and tradition, and it makes for a completely distinctive getaway choice.


Our bodies within the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand

We’ll be falling in like to the rhythm of a metal drum band

Down in Kokomo

There are many metal drums to be present in Jamaica. No assure you’ll discover John Stamos, however apparently, you by no means know the place he’ll pop up!

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I wish to take you to

Bermuda, Bahama, come on fairly mama

Key Largo, Montego, child why don’t we go

Jamaica really will get two shout-outs within the refrain! After they sing “Montego”, they’re referring to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The tropical location scenes in Cocktail have been all filmed on the island so perhaps they have been biased. Sandals Resorts used to have a Kokomo Resort named for the tune in Montego Bay, however they’ve since modified the identify to Sandals Cay.


Enjoyable Truth: Bermuda isn’t within the Caribbean as many assume. Partly due to its inclusion on this tune, it appears Bermuda generally will get lumped into the Caribbean Sea. It’s really within the North Atlantic Ocean, 750 miles east of North Carolina.


The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands scattered all through over 100,000 miles of ocean. It’s believed that the identify Bahamas comes from the Spanish phrase baha mar that means shallow water or low tide. If there’s a secret island referred to as Kokomo hidden away someplace, this may be the place! It additionally begins off the Florida Keys, identical to the tune says….who is aware of?

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