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Function of evaluation: Zika virus has not too long ago emerged from an obscure mosquito-borne pathogen to a world public well being concern. It’s the first viral agent newly demonstrated to trigger delivery defects in a number of a long time, and it’s the solely arbovirus now recognized to be transmitted sexually. The aim of this evaluation is to supply an outline of present understanding of sexual transmission of Zika virus and its potential scientific and public well being penalties.

Current findings: Sexual transmission of Zika virus has been reported from no less than 13 nations with out simultaneous mosquito-borne transmission; it’s undoubtedly additionally occurring in nations with energetic arthropod transmission. Most printed circumstances contain transmission from symptomatically contaminated males to girls companions. Nonetheless, transmission from a symptomatic man to a different man, from a symptomatic lady to a person, and from an asymptomatic man to a girl has additionally been reported. Sexual transmission has occurred earlier than symptom onset, throughout sickness, and after decision of the supply accomplice’s signs. Excluding a girl who developed symptomatic an infection 44 days after onset of her husband’s sickness, almost all situations reported so far have occurred inside 20 days of the supply accomplice’s sickness. Zika virus RNA has been detected in semen, saliva, blood, urine, and vaginal and cervical secretions; the size of time throughout which RNA could be detected varies broadly throughout totally different physique fluids however is very prolonged in semen. Though semen has been discovered to comprise ZIKV RNA for greater than 180 days after sickness onset, solely a small proportion of samples with detectable RNA yield replicative virus at any time when cultured.

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Abstract: Public well being businesses have promulgated interim suggestions to forestall sexual transmission of Zika virus; nonetheless, a lot stays unknown concerning the length of contagiousness and danger components for transmission. Given the danger for delivery defects, the best concern is for transmission of the virus to girls who’re pregnant or making an attempt to turn into pregnant. To stop sexual transmission on the whole, {couples} are suggested to make use of condoms or not have intercourse for no less than 6 months from the beginning of the male accomplice’s signs or the date he was recognized with Zika or after he has returned from an space with danger of ZIKV an infection. Ladies who’ve symptomatic ZIKV an infection or have traveled to an space of danger are suggested to make use of condoms or keep away from intercourse for 8 weeks from the beginning of the girl’s signs or the date she was recognized with Zika or after the girl returns from the world of danger.

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