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The earth’s floor is roughly 70% lined with water, which half is thus uninhabitable by man. The 30% of the earth occupied by land surfaces shouldn’t be in a single single land mass, however is stretched out in an odd formed assortment of continents and islands, all of that are both inhabited or probably liveable by man.

Three of the seven nice continents (Europe, Africa, Asia) are literally joined collectively, as are two others (North America, South America). Throughout the glacial interval, the ocean stage was decrease and a land bridge throughout the Bering Strait related Eurasia with the Americas. Australia was presumably related to Asia by a land bridge throughout the Malaysian Peninsula and the islands of Indonesia.

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The most important land areas of the world have most likely been related collectively till pretty current instances, definitely inside the interval of man’s residence on the earth. By the Biblical chronology, the truth is, this example will need to have prevailed for some time frame after the nice Flood and even till after the dispersion at Babel. The Bible says: “Of them (that’s, of the descendants of Noah, after the Flood) was the entire earth overspread” (Genesis 9:19). Additionally, it says: “From thence (that’s, from Babel) did the Lord scatter them overseas upon the face of all of the earth” (Genesis 11: 9).

It’s vital that historic secular historians, in addition to modem archaeological researchers, all agree that the event of civilization started someplace within the so-called “Bible lands,”—not in Europe or America or China or South Africa, however quite someplace within the area the place Asia and Europe and Africa be part of collectively, probably within the Tigris-Euphrates area. The traditional nations of Sumeria, Egypt, Elam, Assyria, and others of comparable antiquity, have been all centered round this space. Equally the beginnings of written communication, of transportation, of animal domestication, of agriculture, and of most different primary components of structured human economies, are recognized to give attention to this area.

At first, one is likely to be tempted to supply these details in help of the divine inspiration of the Bible, because the Bible does point out that civilizations existed earlier than the Flood and that due to this fact males carried with them features of that widespread civilized information as they regularly unfold around the globe from Mount Ararat and the town of Babel. These details do, in fact, help the overall historic accuracy of the Bible, however the historic indisputable fact that civilization started on this area doesn’t in itself display that the author of Genesis required divine revelation to be able to report that truth appropriately. He could merely have been a great historian. The rise of civilization in that area is likely to be attributed to favorable bodily and climatological circumstances quite than to the Genesis story that Noah’s Ark landed within the neighborhood. Nevertheless, there could also be a extra delicate correlation between the Bible and geography than this, one which can’t be defined by way of pure bodily elements resembling local weather and soil fertility.

The argument may go like this: since God meant for man to “fill the earth” after the Flood (Genesis 9:1), and because the ark “rested upon the mountains of Ararat” the very day that God restrained the Flood from additional destruction (Genesis 8:1-4, in contrast with Genesis 7:11), wouldn’t or not it’s affordable to suppose that God had organized for the “port of disembarkation” to be positioned someplace close to the geographical heart of the land which man was commanded to fill?

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This might not be a mandatory inference, however it does appear probably the most acceptable factor for God to do, since He was right now appearing fully in grace towards Noah and his sons. At any charge, it appears to be price investigating as a speculation. There are a number of Scriptural intimations to this impact, although no particular assertion. For instance, Ezekiel 38:12 speaks of the folks of Israel as these “that dwell within the midst of the land” (King James Model). The latter phrase is best translated as “the navel of the earth.” Many Bible commentators have interpreted this verse to imply that the land of Israel is positioned on the geographical heart of the earth’s land surfaces.

There are additionally the varied references to “the 4 corners of the earth,” or higher “the 4 quarters of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12; Revelation 7:1; Revelation 20:8). That is commonplace terminology for directional identification by which land areas are divided into 4 quadrants (northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast), with the “origin of coordinates” or “heart,” from which instructions are measured, being positioned at the point of interest of curiosity. Invariably, in Scripture, this focus, to which all instructions are oriented, is assumed to be in Israel, or much more particularly, at Jerusalem.

It’s vital that these “Bible lands” weren’t solely the middle of dispersion of the nations after the Flood when God informed those that had been saved to exit and multiply and “fill the earth,” however have been additionally the middle of dispersion of the information of redemption, when God informed those that had been saved to exit into “all of the world” with this witness. As soon as once more, the curiosity of most effectivity within the accomplishment of God’s work of grace would have been finest served, different issues being equal, by seeing that this heart of evangelistic outreach was established close to the earth’s geographic heart.

Although none of those arguments are totally convincing, we do have the sensation that it might not less than someway be acceptable for God to ordain the geography itself to be an expression of His love and concern for man. A minimum of the topic is price investigating. As a matter of truth, the situation of the earth’s geographical heart ought to be a matter of some worth completely other than any theological issues. Along with its purely educational and esthetic curiosity, there may very well be innumerable future functions of the data. If ever there’s to be a world administration, or a world communications heart, or a world heart of training or transportation or commerce or virtually any organized exercise of mankind as an entire, probably the most environment friendly location for such methods would logically be close to the geographical heart of the world’s inhabited lands.

Different issues being equal, the price of working such methods can be minimized and the convenience of using such methods can be maximized if their hubs have been positioned moderately close to the middle of all of the subsystems around the globe that must be keyed into them. The situation of the middle of the earth is thus fascinating not solely esthetically and theologically, but additionally scientifically and economically.

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Till the current time, nevertheless, such data couldn’t have been acquired in any respect. Within the first place, the geography of the earth’s land areas must be mapped with affordable accuracy, and this was not completed till trendy instances.

Nevertheless, the geography of the continents and islands is so intricately complicated that there was no possible approach of calculating their heart till the appearance of the high-speed digital laptop. If the earth had just one continent, and if it had a daily geometric form (say a circle or rectangle), it might be simple sufficient to find out its heart. However the precise state of affairs is in fact vastly extra difficult.

The issue is principally to find out that time on the earth’s floor, the common distance from which to all different factors on the earth’s land surfaces is a minimal. This level is outlined because the earth’s geographical heart.

(1) Divide all of the earth’s land areas into small, equal, unit areas.

(2) Choose considered one of these unit areas as a potential location of the earth’s heart.

(3) Measure the space alongside the earth’s floor from this reference space to every of the opposite unit areas, everywhere in the earth.

(4) Add up all these distances and divide the overall by the variety of particular person distances measured. The result’s the common distance from the reference space to all the opposite unit areas around the globe.

(5) Repeat the whole course of in steps (1) via (4) above for every considered one of all the opposite unit areas around the globe.

(6) Examine the “common distances” so calculated for all of the totally different unit areas. The one for which the common distance seems to be the smallest is the earth’s geographical heart.

Truly, the calculation turns into possible provided that it may be programmed on a excessive velocity laptop. To perform the latter requires a information of spherical trigonometry, geodesy, calculus, and laptop science. As well as, there should be out there correct knowledge on the earth’s land and water areas, organized in a grid community tied to latitude and longitude. With these elements current, the computation then turns into fairly possible.


This specific analysis investigation was first proposed by Andrew J. Woods, M.S., a physicist with Gulf Power and Environmental Sciences in San Diego. The mission was sponsored by the Institute for Creation Analysis to the extent of offering funds for laptop time rental and for publication of the ensuing Technical Monograph. Mr. Woods carried out all of the analyses and programming on his personal time. His outcomes are summarized within the type of a mission report, integrated now in that Monograph. The idea behind the evaluation, the pc outcomes, and his conclusions are all given intimately there.

This truth is critical statistically. If we take into account the Bible lands to be bounded roughly by Memphis (the capital of historic Egypt) on the south and west (latitude 30°, longitude 31°), and Ararat on the north and east (latitude 39°, longitude 44°), this can embody Babylon (latitude 33°, longitude 44°) and Jerusalem (latitude 32° , longitude 35°), in addition to virtually all of the cities by which the occasions narrated within the Outdated Testomony came about. The land space contained on this quadrangle (between latitudes 30° and 39°, and longitudes 31° and 44°), is roughly 440,000 sq. miles. The whole space of the earth’s floor is roughly 197,000,000 sq. miles, 450 instances larger.

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Subsequently, the chance that the earth’s heart would occur to fall in these Bible lands is just one probability out of 450. That is extremely vital, from a statistical perspective, much more so in mild of the Biblical inferences to this impact, and is powerful proof of divine planning. The occasions may simply as effectively have taken place, as far as probability is anxious, in any considered one of 449 different land areas of equal dimension elsewhere, land areas not containing the earth’s geographical hub.

The precise heart of the earth, insofar as Mr. Woods’ calculations may decide, was discovered to be close to Ankara, the current capital of Turkey, at latitude 39° and longitude 34°, on the identical latitude as Mount Ararat and basically the identical longitude as Jerusalem.

Theologically talking, it might need appeared extra acceptable for this actual heart to have turned out to be in Jerusalem, or else at Mount Ararat or presumably Babel. Of those three, it’s basically equidistant, about 550 miles, from Ararat and Jerusalem.

Nevertheless, since there isn’t a express assertion within the Bible requiring the earth’s heart to be exactly at Ararat or Babel or Jerusalem, all the implications of Scripture on this regard are effectively glad if the middle is someplace in these Bible lands. Curiously, the earth’s heart at Ankara, along with Jerusalem, Ararat and Babylon kind virtually an ideal sq..

So far as the wants of a possible heart of world actions are involved, these additionally can be met by a web site wherever on this area. Different elements in addition to that of exact centrality would in fact should be thought-about within the alternative of such a location.

The calculations made by Woods point out, the truth is, that the common distance to all of the world’s land areas varies solely barely for any central web site in all this common area. For instance, the common distance from the Ankara area was discovered to be 4,597 miles, whereas the common distance from the Jerusalem space is 4,612 miles and from the Ararat area is 4617 miles, a distinction of solely 15 miles and 20 miles, respectively, or about 1/3%. By way of sensible functions, the distinction is negligible.

By means of distinction, the situation of the earth’s “anti-center”—that’s, the purpose with the best common distance to all of the earth’s land areas, was discovered to be within the South Pacific, at a degree of latitude -45° and longitude -150°. This level is east of the southern tip of New Zealand and west of the southern tip of South America, removed from land of any sort. This could be the worst place to find any type of world exercise heart! The common distance to the land areas of the earth from this level was discovered to be 7,813 miles.

This text is included as Appendix B within the e-book Journey on Ararat, out there from I.C.R. (March 15, 1973), paper. For a full dialogue of the above analysis research, with full evaluation, acquire the I.C.R. Technical Monograph No. 3, 7he Heart of the Earth, by Andrew J. Woods, M.S. (printed 1973).

* Dr. Henry M. Morris (1918-2006) was Founder and President Emeritus of ICR.

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