Monaco Grand Prix track

Historical past of the Circuit

It was the second circuit of the historical past to obtain formulation 1 in 1950 (Could 21), after Silverstone, however there have been races since 1929. It’s certainly one of final “circuits of males” the place the expertise of the pilot can nonetheless make the distinction (Ayrton Senna received it 6 occasions. The circuit, which remained almost an identical since 1950, is 3,340 km lengthy. Handed the road, the pilot arrives at Sainte Dévote curve, place of many accidents. The observe goes up till the left-right of the On line casino of Monte-Carlo, in entrance of the Lodge de Paris, from there, goes down once more to the fitting curve of the Mirabeau. It continues then to the slowest flip of the championship : Virage Fairmont (previously Virage Loews), on the location of which is the Fairmont Lodge Monte-Carlo. The part of the Portier brings to the ocean, the place the observe borrows a tunnel and carries out to the baffle near the port, beside the lodge Port Palace Monaco and the lodge Miramar Monaco. Then activate the left of the Tobacco Store, the part of the Swimming pool, then the stiff activate the fitting with Rascasse, follow-up of the curve Anthony Noghes, then lastly the road of the stands.

Transformations of the Circuit

The circuit of Monaco had few transformations since its creation :

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– 1973, the street of the swimming pool which made attainable to put in the stands on the Quay,

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– 1976, two new baffles are put in respectively at Ste Dévote and on the outlet aspect of the Rascasse,

– 1986, the widening of the Quay des Etats Unis that permits the creation of a brand new Baffle,

– 1997, the primary “S” of the swimming pool is redrawn and has now the identify of flip “Louis Chiron”,

– 2003, the primary part of installations of the circuit touched solely the southern a part of the port. 5000 sq. meters of floor have been gained on the ocean. The circuit ranging between the 2nd “S” of the swimming pool and Rascasse was moved of 10 meters in comparison with its preliminary website and fully redrawn. Set up of a baffle on the exit of the 2nd flip of the swimming pool,

– 2004, the doubling of the width of the esplanade accomodating the zone of the stands on the extent of the Boulevard Albert 1st, by the creation of a constructing on the affect of the outdated observe between the swimming pool and Rascasse. New stands representing an space of 250 sq. meters can be positioned on the disposal of every staff.

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