How much can a rhinoceros lift

The strongest animals on the planet by pure power

African Bush Elephant

What’s probably the most highly effective animal on the planet? African bush elephants are the world’s largest land animals, and the strongest mammals, capable of carry as much as 9,000 kg – the burden of 130 people!

It’s not simply their dimension (as much as 4.5 meters tall and 12 tons) that makes them probably the most highly effective animal on the planet – their trunks comprise 40,000 muscle mass and tendons, and may carry 300 kg. On prime of this power, African bush elephants are recognized for his or her lengthy tusks, rising to over 2 meters and used for digging, defending themselves aggressively from predators, and combating between males.

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Gorillas are the biggest apes (not monkeys!) and the strongest primate, recognized for his or her spectacular power. These highly effective animals weigh as much as 200 kg, and may raise nearly 2,000 kg – 10 instances their physique weight.

In comparison with human beings, the arms of gorillas are significantly massive, lengthy, and powerful – with an arm span of as much as 2.5 meters. Their way of life of climbing and knuckle-walking strengthens their arms, and it’s estimated a gorilla is round 15 instances stronger than the typical human.


Tigers are the biggest and strongest species of all large cats. Of the ten sub-species discovered throughout Asia, the Siberian tiger is the biggest at nearly 2.5 meters lengthy and round 300kg.

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Tigers are recognized to have the ability to carry kills as much as twice their very own physique weight – not solely alongside the bottom however many meters up a tree.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears are discovered throughout Canada and the Northwest United States, usually dwelling in shut proximity to people. Grizzlies are a keystone species which might be amongst the biggest land animals alive right this moment, reaching heights of two.5 meters when standing on their hind legs, and weights of as much as 770 kg.

Their dimension, and muscular our bodies, permit them to raise as much as 80% of their physique weight. Along with being the strongest bear, grizzly bears are simply irritated and might be aggressive – significantly in the event that they really feel their cubs are threatened.


The eagle is the strongest chook by a way, capable of raise and fly with near 4 instances their very own physique weight – good for his or her most popular prey of deer, monkeys, foxes, and wildcats. Their energy to fly with such heavy prey is achieved by a mixture of dimension, wingspan, and highly effective toes with sharp talons.

Eagles fly at heights of as much as 4,000 meters and may glide for hours with out relaxation, utilizing their sturdy imaginative and prescient to identify prey from lengthy distances earlier than monitoring and swooping. Be taught in regards to the largest eagles on the planet.


Oxen (also referred to as bullock) are the biggest and strongest breed of cattle, and have been domesticated and bred by people for at the very least the final 6,000 years to tug carts and ploughs.

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They weigh as much as 650 kilograms and are capable of pull double their very own physique weight, utilizing their unbelievable stamina to work for hours on finish. It’s for these causes that oxen are thought of a logo of power, stability, and willpower in lots of cultures.


There are 4 sub-species of anacondas in South America, with the biggest being the inexperienced anaconda, coming in at as much as 250 kg and 10 meters lengthy.

Anacondas can constrict, kill, and eat prey as much as their very own body weight, permitting them to tackle massive prey similar to caimans, wild pigs, and even jaguars. They make this checklist of the world’s strongest animals resulting from their energy of with the ability to squeeze and crush such massive animals – some folks imagine that an anaconda would win a struggle with a gorilla!

The anaconda’s physique design permits them to swallow their lifeless prey in a single and digest the whole meal in just some days, with a metabolism which means they will go for months with out consuming.

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